A lichen covered headstone in Riverside Cemetery in Marlboro, NY.  Copyright © Jill Moore.
A lichen covered headstone in Riverside Cemetery in Marlboro, NY. Copyright © Jill Moore.

Our Philosophy

Have you ever passed a headstone or monument that was unreadable because of biological growth or grime and thought "That's a shame?"  So have we!  We believe that giving a headstone or monument proper care is just another way to extend your loved one's legacy for future generations of family members to enjoy.

Our Roots

Though they're from different parts of the country, when Colleen and Jill met, they became fast friends, bonding over similar interests which included cemeteries, history, antiques, and genealogy.

Both are actively involved with the Quassaick Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, in Newburgh.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Hiring someone new is always a scary process and especially when it comes to caring for a loved one's grave - we completely understand.  We feel you should know who we are, what we're about, and why we do what we do.  We want you to feel completely confident in hiring us and trusting us with your relative's monument.


Colleen McArdelle


Colleen's "real job" involves working for a military cemetery, helping military members and their families prepare for their final resting place. In her spare time, Colleen also runs a cat-sitting business for local residents of Newburgh and the surrounding areas.

Colleen is an Orange County native with deep roots going back to the first patentees of New Paltz who left a lasting imprint in the Hudson Valley.


Jill Moore


Jill grew up living over a funeral home in Central Ohio and has also worked with military families to prepare for their memorial services.  She is a professional genealogist and genealogical writer along with teaching genealogy basics at a local library.

Even though she is a transplant to Orange County, she has Revolutionary War ties to the area that keep her here in the Hudson Valley.