The prices shown are base estimates only.  Our pricing will vary due to many factors such as the amount of growth that needs removed, stone size, type of stone used, number of visits to remove all the growth, and the amount of cleaning agents needed to remove the lichen.  Please call us for an estimate.


Flat Marker

Flat style markers, similar to the one pictured, will cost $60.00 and up.


Military Marker

Military / VA style headstones cost $75.00 and up (includes a FREE flag placement).


Small / Single Marker

Small / single headstones will cost $125.00 and up.


Large / Double Markers

Large / double markers will cost $160.00 and up.


Government / Civil Monuments

These large monuments require an estimate.  Please contact us for a consultation.


Oversized Monuments

Any oversized or tall monuments may require special equipment to reach all the areas that need to be treated and cleaned.  Please contact us for a consultation and an estimate.

Our Cleaning & Treatment Service

Every headstone will receive our standard cleaning & treatment service that includes a thorough, but gentle, cleaning using special techniques and biologic cleansers that do not damage the flora/fauna nor affects the water table.

Following a cleaning, the headstone will receive a treatment of non-toxic biological growth inhibitor to stave off lichen, molds, and mildew that helps extend the life of your loved one's monument.

Further Information About Our Services

While some people may prefer to use them because they have the "potential" to produce instant results, these types of "quick-fix" techniques can actually cause degradation of the stone, leave gouges & scratching, discoloration or worse.

Hudson Valley Headstone Care will never use harsh cleansers, wire brushes, power washers, or other techniques that will damage the stone in any way. Our service is gentle, effective, and safe for the stone.